Eurasian Pygmy Owl

Not so different from the Owlet below!

Sri Lanka Chestnut-backed Owlet

A small, sparrow-sized owl, endemic to Sri Lanka. 7006259chestnut-backed-owlet

White-browed Nuthatch, a Myanmar endemic bird

A rare bird, taken in high level in Mt. Victoria in Myanmar in Nov. 2013

Red-tailed Kite, taken in Sweden

A large and beautiful raptor.

Steller’s Eider in Northern Norway

A beautiful and rear duck.

European Coots in Display Fight

Rufous-throated Sapphire taken in Brazil

Bullfinch couple eating Northern dock

Northern dock, (Rumex longifolius) normally seen as useless weeds, gives good food for the bullfinches in winter. So let these weeds help some beautiful birds through the cold season!

Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

Picture of a couple of these beautiful birds, which are specialized for really long flight distances was taken in Kazakhstan last week.

Whooping Swan in action!

s004471sangsvane Taken a sunny morning in frosty fog in low temperature in Norway in January. The Whooping Swans are pretty robust, and very beautiful birds, that are used to cold days, but need open water. Not many places have open water in Norway in January, but a river south of Oslo is always open, due to a water reservoir overflow.