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Whooping Swan in action!

s004471sangsvane Taken a sunny morning in frosty fog in low temperature in Norway in January. The Whooping Swans are pretty robust, and very beautiful birds, that are used to cold days, but need open water. Not many places have open water in Norway in January, but a river south of Oslo is always open, due to a water reservoir overflow.

Arctic Loon in Southern Norway


Great Grey Owl in attack

Just won the Norwegian Championship 2010 in Nature Photography! Se link Villmarksliv.  Here one of my pic’s of Great Grey Owl in the competition.

Blossomcrown in Colombia!


A truly amazing hummingbird. Taken in the Santa Marta mountains in northern Colombia.

Kitchy Niagara Falls


The Manhatten Skyline

Beautiful and impressive:


A trip to Connecticut and New York.

Just got back from a trip to Connecticut and New York. Beautiful birds along the North-east coast of USA.